SU Highlight: Navigation Essentials

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What every mariner needs.  I don’t care if you are propelling a 12-foot row boat or a 70-foot mega-yacht.  You can’t even get out of the harbor safely without some foundational knowledge about navigation, let alone chart an ideal vacation in the Salish Sea.  

So our first full course and module series for the year is Navigation Essentials.  Just in time for planning an extended trip into the islands.

Navigation Essentials sets a course through all the parameters you need to get around safety and effectively in the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, and the Inside Passage – all of which present world-class challenges to navigation.  Think of it – there are a myriad of islands; hidden rocks galore; swift currents that threaten to push you onto the jagged teeth of both; and winds – seemingly out of nowhere – that further complicate the situation.  But take a deep breath.  Your idyllic cruise or paddle journey is still a realistic dream.  Once you have an understanding about how to plot your course, track your location, account for the currents, and anticipate & accommodate the weather conditions, your chances of the trip of a lifetime are immeasurable.

Our Navigation Essentials faculty are true experts in all of these conditions.  They have planned and led expeditions in kayaks and large yachts through all parts of the Salish Sea and the Inside Passage.  You can count on their decades of experience to guide you through the planning, as well as last-minute problem-solving, that are essential skills to navigating safely and happily through our spectacular isles.

The curriculum is comprehensive: chart plotting and orientation; tides, currents and weather; and the navigation rules, tools and modern software that can make your planning and piloting successful.

Making all of this accessible to your busy schedule is one of our priorities.  Choose the full series if you can dedicate one evening per week (this includes more economical “package” pricing, and an end-of-course bonus session on Trip Planning).  Or mix and match class sessions using the modular options.  The latter also allows you to selectively supplement any background skills and experiences you might already have.

Consider Navigation Essentials if you have been wanting to get out on any type or size of boat for a multi-day exclusion through the islands of the Salish Sea.  And contact us if you have questions about your background preparation, our modular options, or any other considerations.