Shearwater University Mission

Our dual mission is to both increase the skills and safety of boaters, and to provide opportunities to deepen our connection with, and experience of, the natural world.

Our Mission is Addressed through Four Goals:

To increase the safety, skills and enjoyment of boaters on the Salish Sea

To deepen the individual connection with the natural world we enjoy

To make marine education accessible to anyone wanting to learn

To provide high-caliber classes that are easy to fit into a busy calendar

The four schools, and the structure of our curriculum, are designed to meet these goals in the areas of sailing, kayaking and navigation, with Raven’s Backyard dedicated to facilitating that deeper relationship with the natural world that nourishes us all.


“As a local teacher, botanist, naturalist and artist, Phyllis Woolwine is an expert at combining the worlds of nature, art and education.” – Ketchikan Daily News

“Your style is extraordinary!  Totally exciting!!” – Mary Lasse

“I can’t thank you enough for being such a great instructor and tremendous inspiration for me and many others.  Thank you!!” – Debbie Coapstick

“Thank you for a great weekend.  Our community is so fortunate to have you as a member….  My list of praise would go on & on – from your organization and your beautiful, professional materials, and enthusiasm & passion for your area of knowledge.” – Evon Zerbetz