Bareboat Charters

Enter Here for Graduate Charters

Independent Charters are available for all Graduates upon completion of your training or experienced mariner Crossover process.

✯ Community Cruising 

A playful and relaxing immersive experiences - Explore the Salish Sea & Inside Passage with the support of a highly skilled & knowledgable Captain.

The experiences below are open to all who wish to experience immersive cruising on the Salish Sea and beyond

Butchart Gardens in Spring!
Destination Flotilla Cruise

April 12-17, 2023

Let's Cruise into Canada and Experience the sheer explosiveness of spring joy at Butchart Gardens!

This Cruise will include Ardenna - our larger cruising Sailboat, and Imagine, our Cruising Powerboat.  Here's the general plan:

  1. April 12 (Wednesday): Cast off from Anacortes and cruise through the San Juan Islands under sail/power to Reid Harbor at Stuart Island.  Anchor for the night.
  2. April 13 (Thursday): Cruise to Sidney BC for a brief Customs stop, then on into Saanich Inlet and Butchart Gardens.
  3. April 14 (Friday): We will provide Butchart Gardens Tickets for everyone.  Being there on a Friday should result in fewer crowds than the weekend.
  4. April 15 (Saturday):  Cruise to Sucia Island and anchor in Echo Bay
  5. April 16 (Sunday):  Enjoy a day exploring the beautiful Sucia Island State Park.  Trails, beaches, crabbing, etc.
  6. April 17 (Monday):  Cruise from Sucia Island back to Anacortes.

Note: The forward stateroom on Imagine can be arranged as one double bed or two single beds.

Desolation Sound Expedition Community Cruises & Classes

Four Weeks to Choose From, Power or Sail
Participate & Learn; Chill & Relax - Choose Your Pace
Fully Supported by your Expert Captain
  • Week 1 -  The Journey North (August 23-29):  Explore the Canadian Gulf Islands, cross the Strait of Georgia, bask in the Sunshine Coast.
    • Ardenna will feature a Level-3/Bareboat Cruising Certification class on this leg.
    • Imagine will host a Community Play & Learn cruise on this leg.
  • Week 2 (August 30 - September 5):  A full week immersed in Desolation Sound, the Inside Passage's most prized cruising destination.
    • Imagine will host a Levels 1 & 2, Basic Powerboat Cruising Certification class
    • Ardenna will enjoy a "Play & Learn" cruise with an immense amount of fun, relaxation and exploring in the Sound.
  • Week 3 (September 6-12):  Second week in Desolation Sound.
    • Ardenna provide a Level-2 Basic Cruising Certification class in the Sound.
    • Imagine will be doing the "Play & Learn" thing - enjoying and soaking up the experience of cruising in Desolation Sound.
  • Week 4 (September 13-19) - The Journey South:  Another opportunity to explore the Inside Passage from Desolation Sound to Anacortes.
    • Imagine will feature a Level-3/Inshore Powerboat Cruising Certification class on this leg.
    • Ardenna will host a Community Play & Learn cruise on this leg.
Travel Options - See Below

Week 1:  The Journey North
August 23 - 29, 2023

Play & Learn Cruising on Imagine
  • Enjoy an epic experience and learn new skills while you explore the Inside Passage at a relaxed pace on our incredibly comfortable and seaworthy trawler.
  • Departs Anacortes August 23
  • Arrives in Lund, BC August 29
  • Consider staying on for another week in Desolation Sound
  • Travel home options below
Ardenna Flagship Program Level-3
Bareboat Cruising Certification
  • Advance your skills and Certification while you ply the Inside Passage
  • No better place to train for cruising challenges anywhere in the world.
  • Departs Anacortes August 23
  • Most of your training is in the islands of BC
  • Arrives in Lund, BC August 29
  • Consider staying on for another week to play in Desolation Sound
  • Travel home options below
  • AFP Level-1 and your Basic Cruising Certification
  • Navigation Essentials Completion (online)
  • Coastal Navigation Completion (online)

Week 2:  Desolation Sound
August 30 - September 5, 2023

Basic Powerboat Cruising Certification Intensive: Levels 1 & 2 Class in Desolation Sound

Register on the Imagine Program Page

Scroll down to find the Levels 1-2 Intensive, and choose August 30 - Sept 5 option in the dropdown.

Week 3:  Desolation Sound
September 6 - 12, 2023

Register on the Ardenna Flagship Program Page

Under Level-2 find the drop down dates under the registration button for Sept 6-12 Desolation +.

Week 4:  The Journey South
September 13-19, 2023

Travel To-From Lund - our meeting place at Desolation Sound:

  1. Going there & back?  Drive the beautiful British Columbia Sunshine Coast (includes two short ferry rides), which can be done in a day - the most affordable option.
  2. Fly in and/or out of Lund on Kenmore Air out of their Lake Washington base
  3. Hybrid: Drive to Vancouver and then fly Pacific Coastal Airlines to Powell River.  Shuttle to Lund from there (16 miles).  About 1/4 the price of all the way with Kenmore Air.

Community Sailing & Cruising Days

All Graduates Invited - Any Level

Gain Experience • Refine Your Skills
Enjoy Sailing & Cruising on the Salish Sea
Coaching Provided
Sailing and Cruising with Friends and A Coach. Watch for Postings or Make a Request:
  • Supported day sailing or power cruising for all Community members - grow your experience and confidence.
  • Open form coaching based on group requests/consensus
  • Skills Clinics: Crew Overboard Rescue, Navigation, Docking, Sail Trim... you name it!

Imagine Crossover Training:
SU Graduate Special

Form Your Own Group or Join a Scheduled Class

2023 Only:  You can Crossover at any level you have trained on Nancy Lee or Ardenna - Fast Track to skilled Powerboat Cruising!

Cruising Powerboat Foundations - Crossover Class

★  Two Days instead of 3 - for those already trained on Nancy Lee or Ardenna
★  Cruising Powerboat Systems - a big step up in sophistication
★  Maneuvering & docking a 40,000 pound trawler - you can do this!!

Imagine San Juan Power Cruising - Crossover Class

★  Two Days instead of 4 - for those with Level-2 Certification on Ardenna or Nancy Lee
★  Transfer and upgrade your cruising skills to Imagine
★  Cozy, comfortable and safe winter cruising in any weather is at your doorstep

Custom/Class Extension Days

There are lots of reasons you might want to extend your class days: additional instruction and coaching time, creating a slower, more playful learning pace....  Or you might want to circle back later and add some additional instruction focused on specific skills.