First Sail Experience!

Intrigued and attracted to sailing, but want to get a taste to be sure?  Our First Sail Experience allows you a full day with the Captain to sample a real experience on the wind and waves.  You can learn at your own pace, or just be out there to feel it and find out if it hooks you.  Contact us to schedule, then choose your boat and we'll set sail.

First Sail on Ardenna

First Sail Experience on Ardenna:
  • Ardenna is the Shearwater University flagship, representing the outstanding sailing & cruising qualities we most admire.
  • A Sabre 402, Ardenna was exquisitely designed and crafted in Maine, and the perfect cruising sailboat for the Salish Sea.
  • Your full day sail starts at 9:00 am and extends until 5:00 pm.
  • The $750 tuition is all-inclusive, with learning and experiences for up to 4 people in your group.
  • Contact us to custom schedule your sailing day.

First Sail on the Nancy Lee

First Sail on the Nancy Lee:
  • Experience the Nancy Lee - she's the boat you will get started on when you learn to sail and cruise.
  • Nancy Lee is a Pearson 323 - a legendary design that combines the best qualities for sailing performance and seaworthiness in a boat that is easy to handle.
  • The Nancy Lee is comfortable outside and in, while sporting all the traditional rigging that every sailor should learn.
  • Your $650 full day tuition is good for up to four people in your group.
  • Contact us to schedule your sailing day.