Community Sailing and Cruising

Ardenna Community Sailing Days

All Graduates - any Level - Invited

Gain Experience • Refine Your Skills
Enjoy Sailing on the Salish Sea
Coaching Provided

Sailing with Friends and A Coach. Watch for Postings or Make a Request:

  • Supported day sailing for all Community members - build your experience and confidence.
  • Open form coaching based on group requests/consensus on the day of
  • Crew overboard Clinics
  • Anchoring Clinics
  • Sail Trim Clinics
  • Destination Sails
  • Navigation Clinics
  • You name it...

September 6-11, 2022

Open to All Levels SU Sailing & Cruising Community Members - but limited spaces


Halloween Ardenna Cruise

October 29 - 31, 2022

Three days and three nights exploring new parts of the San Juan Islands, including Massacre Bay, Undertaker Reef, Skull Island, Deadman's Bay and Victim Island. Ends with a night run back to Anacortes after dark Halloween night.  See Community email for more details.
Open to all Shearwater University Sailing & Cruising Community Members/Graduates. Guests upon approval.
Community Cruising Is...
  • A blast!!
  • Totally fun - no certification pressures
  • A great way to grow your experience and practice your skills
  • An opportunity to make more sailing friends
  • Worth memories of a lifetime!!
  • Guided by your professional Captain & Coach